$25,000 | $50,000 | $75,000

Valid offers members on the Campus, Canon, or Capstone program the opportunity to add eligibility for limited inpatient hospitalization.

Eligible Medical Needs must be submitted to the membership for inpatient services listed below
to be considered eligible for member-to-member sharing.

Valid Offering Chart

Initial Waiting Period: 30 DAYS
Pre-Existing Waiting Period:
12 MONTHS. If a pre-existing condition results in hospitalization during the 12 months from the member’s effective date, it will result in medical needs not being eligible for sharing by the membership.
Annual Maximum Sharing Limit
will not exceed the Valid offering selected for eligible inpatient hospitalization services listed above or any combined allowed amounts.
*At an additional monthly cost.
**All out-of-network medical needs will not be eligible to receive the PHCS Network re-priced discounts.
***Medical procedure, service, test, or treatment that is the responsibility of a liable third-party, will not be eligible for member-to-member sharing.