How Do Health Insurance Alternatives Impact Your Trip to Urgent Care?

There are many health insurance alternatives that can make it easier to access urgent care when you need it. If you find yourself stressing about your next visit to the urgent care, consider exploring options such as health care sharing ministries, faith-based insurance companies, or even private funds or charities. Below are some of the many ways faith-based health insurance alternatives can improve your visit to urgent care.

Reduce Costs

Having access to faith-based health insurance alternatives can reduce the cost of an urgent care visit and even your visit to the pharmacy. Many health care sharing ministries offer reasonable rates for their services, making it easier to access the care you need without breaking the bank. For example, some health care sharing ministries may only require a small monthly fee, while others may offer discounts for certain services. In either case, you’ll be ready when you need to visit the urgent care.

At JHS Community, Paramount Rx gives you the opportunity to take up to 20% off brand-name medications and 70% off generics, and this discount is available across over 57,000 participating pharmacies including CVS and Walgreens. That means, your health care sharing ministry can help you save money even when you’ve left urgent care.

Access Quality Care

Many health care sharing ministries provide access to qualified medical professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced in providing urgent care.

Help with a Higher Level of Care

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, among uninsured adults who visited a medical provider or dentist during the year, 13% of those visited an emergency room and 10% visited another part of the hospital. If your urgent care visit ends in a higher level of care, health care sharing mininstries can help with the cost. Many health care sharing ministries offer services for hospital visits and other expenses associated with a more advanced treatment plan. Waiting periods may apply to help reduce cost to membership.

Exploring health insurance alternatives is a great way to ensure that you get the medical care you need without breaking the bank or compromising your faith. Consider these options to make the most of your visit, and call JHS Community today for more information.