Explore Our Capstone Program

We’re taught that faith can move mountains, but there’s no need to try and move a mountain alone. Illness and injury are a heavy enough burden. You shouldn’t worry about your financial well-being when you need health care. JHS Community is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Health Care Sharing Ministry (HCSM), offering affordable programs to support you as you combat health issues. Our most comprehensive services are available as part of our Capstone program.

Primary Care Support

Your primary care provider is your first line of defense against serious issues. They know your medical history better than anyone, allowing them to spot changes to your physical health before other doctors. They can also prescribe medications and refer you to specialists when necessary. Our HCSM Capstone program can help offset the cost to pay for primary care.

Mental Health Care

As a faith-based community, we believe a good relationship with your religious and ethical beliefs is the starting point of a healthy mind and spirit. However, HCSM organization, we know that the mind’s healthcare needs are just as important as the body’s. Whether you need something as simple as counseling or as complex as in-patient treatment, you don’t need the added pressure of financial stress. Our Capstone program is here to help you when you’re experiencing a mental health crisis.

Emergency Health Care

We hope you’ll never need to be rushed to the hospital, but we still want to prepare you for the eventuality. ER visits can become extremely expensive very quickly. These costs can increase if you need surgery. That’s why we set aside some funds in our Capstone program for surgeries and emergency services. Your decision to go to the emergency room should never be based on your ability to pay.

Explore The Capstone Program

JHS Community’s Capstone program was designed to help you through any financial burdens your health may cause. A complete list of eligible services we share in for is available on our website.. After you’re done exploring all the options we offer, call us at (866) 414-4939 to learn how to enroll!