4 Ways a Shared Health Care Ministry Can Assist Your Family

shared health care ministry

If you’re looking for additional and alternative ways to cover medical expenses for your family, Health Care Sharing Ministry programs are worth considering. As a faith-based nonprofit 501(c)(3), JHS Community offers members the peace of mind that comes with being part of an engaged and compassionate community. Unlike traditional health insurance policies, a Shared Health Care Ministry provides shared financial responsibility rather than coverage through a provider network. Here are some ways it can assist your family.

1. Cost Savings

Health Care Sharing Ministry programs are typically more affordable than health insurance policies. With JHS Community, members pay an annual household fee, then additional fees per individual covered by their shared ministry plan. These fees can amount to significant savings compared to the premiums and out-of-pocket costs that come with traditional health insurance. Plus, members don’t have to worry about copayments or deductibles.

2. Personal Freedom and Flexibility

Traditional health insurance plans are heavily regulated by the government, but a Health Care Sharing Ministry offers members greater freedom in their choice of services. Members of JHS Community have the flexibility to choose their own primary care physician.

3. Peace of Mind

Utilizing a Health Care Sharing Ministry offers your family peace of mind in knowing that their medical expenses are covered by an engaged and compassionate community. Your household can access a range of resources focused on healthcare, lifestyle, and spiritual well-being. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over half of medical care visits made in recent years were to primary care doctors. With a hHealth Care Sharing Ministry like JHS Community, members can get the primary health services they need from a caring organization.

4. Wider Network Of Care Options

Rather than have to choose from a limited selection of in-network providers family members can visit any doctor or clinic of their choice without needing to worry about whether their provider is in-network. Plus, with access to additional care resources, members are more likely to be able to find the best possible care for their needs.

Whether you’re looking for an alternative to traditional health insurance or just want extra financial protection for your family, a Health Care Sharing Ministry can provide added peace of mind and flexibility. With JHS Community, your family will have access to low-cost health services within a caring community. Contact the JHS community today for more information!